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Top Best Electric Tandoors

  kitchenfreak       Tuesday, 23 March 2021
Top Best Electric Tandoors

1. Hot Berg Small Electric Tandoor

Hot Berg’s small electric tandoor is a compact-sized appliance well-known for its efficiency. This lightweight sturdy model is very easy to carry or move.

It is manufactured with extra safe heating elements for uninterrupted yet completely regulated temperature.

It has an aluminium tray that can be used for grilling, roasting, toasting, and baking. It is your perfect companion to prepare delicious dishes like paneer tikka, chicken, tandoori roti, paratha, cake, muffins, aalu tikka, roti, etc.

The unit comes with a pizza cutter, a magic cloth, an aluminium tray, and a recipe book. It is completely shockproof equipped with rubber legs and extra safe heating elements.

It weighs 5.2 kgs and consumes 1500 watts. You can prepare the dish of your choice without any worry of spillage as the unit is very easy to operate and clean.

You can also enjoy add-on items such as a magic cloth, skewers, and a pair of gloves.

Things we liked about it:

Compact size, easy to move.
Shockproof, equipped with extra heating elements
Easy to operate & clean
High durability
Things we didn’t like:

1500 watts power consumption
Warranty is not mentioned

2. Wonderchef Chef Kapoor Standard Size Electric Tandoor

Wonderchef Chef Kapoor standard size electric tandoor would be a great addition to your kitchen in every way.

It has a 10-step thermostat that gives adjustable temperature for accurate cooking. It can extract extra oil from your food, resulting in a healthful diet without changing the taste. There is also an adjustable slope that lets you decide if you wish to drain the extra oil or retain it.

One special feature that made this tandoor stand out from others is its 180-degree grilling. It means you can grill on both sides if needed.

You can quickly prepare any dish you like with its super-fast heating feature. It weighs 1.43 kg and consumes 1370 watts.

The led indicator lets you choose the level of grilling. Red colour indicates dark browning & green indicates light.

Things we liked:

1-year warranty
Adjustable slope
Floating hinge
180-degree opening
Led indicator
10-step thermostat

Does not come with a manual or recipe book
Consumes 1370 watts of energy

3. Mini Chef Electric Tandoor (Big Size) with Double Layer Non Stick Coated Tray
Mini Chef Electric TandoorNext up is a heavy duty and sturdy built electric tandoor. The mini chef electric tandoor has a promising design and delivery with dual heating layers. One inside and one on top of it.

Perfectly engineered to burn enough to cook enough, the mini chef electric is ideal for medium to large families. It can cook about veggies, meat and what not.

The rectangular toughened glass present to the opening tray lets you look at the food while it is being prepared inside.

A magic heat resistant cloth that comes as a freebie with the device lets you use the tandoor as a baking oven for biscuits and small batter based foods too. The heating plate present on top of the device enables you to reheat and warm up foods such as pizza, biscuits and what not.

As mighty as the device is, its power consumption is same too. On an overall, it consumes about 2000 watts of power making it the highest power consumption device in the list today.

we found out a great deal of positive response to the longevity of the device owing to the kanthal heating element (imported from Sweden).

Things we liked:

Bulky and Sturdy Body
Aluminium coated non stick heating plates
Top side heating plate for reheating food
A Magic cloth for baking and Cookbook
Value for money
Things we didn’t like:

2000 Watts power consumption
No grill or Seekhs given for grilling purposes

4. Glen Electric Tandoor

The brand Glen played a key role in revolutionizing Indian cooking in all sorts of ways with captivating products and amazing features. Glen electric Tandoor is the result of substantial research and the implementation of progressive technology in the manufacturing process.

The unit was given a matt finishing with stainless steel including all the screws to make it completely rust-proof.

It is given a viewing window for you to look at your dish that’s being prepared. Its cool-touch handle helps you carry the tandoor without any chance of burning your hands. It also has a selector knob with 4 settings to regulate the tandoor’s operation.

Inside the tandoor, there is a sliding tray made of aluminium to slide in the food you wish to cook. Above the tray, there is a wire rack for grilling that helps you hold smaller pieces.

All essential drippings can be collected from the sliding tray below.

The appliance weighs 5 kg and consumes just 1100 watts of power. It has energy-efficient heating elements that make it a promising tandoor in the market.

Things we liked:

Modern elegant looks
See-through window & cool-touch handle
Saves energy by consuming less power, 11oo watts
Energy-efficient heating elements
Matt finish stainless steel body
Things we didn’t like:

The indicator light goes defective quite often

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