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Best Oil Press Machine

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Best Oil Press Machine 

Who don’t want a high quality oil press machine at an affordable price? The only thing is to know how to select this oil maker machine. So, here we are providing you some of the best top selling oil press machine in Indian online market (as per the reviews & ratings). Just go through them and select the best and most suited oil press, as per your requirement.

1. Happy2Buy Stainless Steel Home Oil Extractor

Happy2Buy is an Indian e-commerce retailer that deals with innovative home and kitchen appliances. It has come up with a unique oil press machine that differs from the rest in many ways. 

The first innovative and useful feature we have noticed in this appliance is the moisture removal technology. With this, the machine extracts moisture from the seeds separately to give out 100% pure oil.

Another impressive feature it has got is the fully automated oil selection menu. This machine has a wide selection panel with separate touch control for each seed type. For instance, if you want peanut oil, you just have to select the “peanut” option from the menu. 

Moreover, this oil extracting machine measures 33 x 24 x 31 centimetres and weighs just 7.5 kgs, making it compact than the rest of the appliances we have seen above.

Coming to power consumption, this machine requires just 230W yet effectively squeezes even the last drop of the oil from the seeds. It has the capacity to give out 450 ml of oil from 1 kg of seeds. 

With its aesthetic looks, the machine blends well with your modular kitchen interior. The 100% stainless steel body prevents corrosion and gives the appliance a long lasting shine.

Unlike the other oil press machines we have seen, this home oil extractor is easy to clean and does not require any standby time after the pressing process. 

Along with all these unique features, the brand offers a 1-year warranty on the product and provides mobile application-based customer support to solve your queries.

Product Information:

Capacity – 3 to 4 kg/hour

Motor power – 230 W for pressing, 400W for heating.

Weight – 7.5 kgs

Material – Food Grade Stainless Steel

Color – Silver metal

Size – 33 x 24 x 31 centimetres

Warranty – 1-year

Voltage – 220V

What we liked:

Contemporary design.
Consumes just 230W, saving much on your power bills.
Touch menu for easy operation.
1-year warranty on the product with app-based customer support.
Weighs just 7.5 kgs and is easy to carry around.
What we didn’t like:

Cannot extract oil from soybean, corn and grape seeds.

2. Gorek Technologies GT – 06 Fully Automatic Oil Maker Machine

This Gorek Technologies GT – 06 fully automatic 600 W oil maker machine comes with higher capacity for multiple seeds is an excellent oil press machine. It is used to grab 100% pure edible oils from different types of oil seeds such as coconut, groundnuts, flaxseeds, walnuts, sesame, mustard seeds, soybean, castor oil, almond, vegetable seeds, sunflower seeds, etc.

This oil maker machine comes with higher efficiency with dual cooling system and the body is made of stainless steel which makes it strong and durable with sturdy performance. It has attractive design with fine finish that makes it easy to use, handle and clean the machine.

The industrial motor will work continuously for more than 5 – 8 hours and then give a rest of 1 hour for its proper and efficient functioning. But be careful while operating the machine and follow as per the instructions provided in the user manual. The manufacturer provides 1 year warranty for the motor and gear box or on the manufacture defects.

Product Information:

Color – Silver
Warranty – 1 year
Capacity – 4 to 8 kg/hr (depends on the material)
Weight – 11.5 kg
Material – # 304 Food Grade Stainless Steel
Power – 600W
Dimensions – 40 X 16 X 36 cm
Voltage – 220V/50Hz
Digital Temperature Controller – No
What we liked:

The dual cooling fan will enhance its functionality.
Comes with an industrial motor that work continuously for more than 5 hours
It is a multifunctional home use oil maker machine that is effectively used for pressing oil from various oil seeds.
It is easy to clean, operate, move and store and use this fresh oil for the health of your family members.
It has good capacity with compact attractive design without any noise while operating.
The rate of oil extraction is about 40 – 45% that depends on the oil seeds which you have to extract the oil.
What we didn’t like:

It comes without digital temperature controller.
Never ever start this food processor without proper locking.


Shreeja health care products is yet another local brand from Surat, Gujarat. It is well-known for producing remarkable oil press machines, filter press machines and many more. 

This oil press machine is one of the reliable products from the brand as it has the best motor in the industry that lets the machine work for 8 to 10 hours at a stretch. 

The motor consumes 400W and comes with a capacity to press 3 to 6 kgs of seeds per hour to give out a 45% yield of oil. However, the brand suggests you let the machine rest for one hour after using it for 10 hours.

Talking about its dimensions, the machine measures 57 x 26 x 34 centimetres and weighs 12 kgs and fits easily on your kitchen platform. Both the body and the parts contain high-quality stainless steel to ensure you get 100% pure oil every time from the machine.

As an added advantage, the brand offers a 1-year warranty on all manufacturing defects. 

Product Information:

Dimensions – 57 x 26 x 34 cm

Weight – 12 kgs

Warranty – 1-year

Colour – Silver

Material – 304 Stainless Steel 

Power Supply –  220V

Motor Power – 400W

Capacity – 3 to 6 Kg/Hr

What we liked:

Works continuously for up to 10 hours with its efficient motor.
Weighs 12 kgs and is compact.
Stainless steel material prevents rusting.
1-year warranty on the product and its parts.
What we didn’t like:

Some users have reported heating issues.

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