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Best Kitchen Sink

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Best Kitchen Sink 

1. CROCODILE 304 Grade Handmade Sink
Crocodile sink

CROCODILE is actually registered trademark of Krishna Cutlery Works which is actually known for providing high quality. This kitchen sink is made up of high quality stainless steel which is one of the most durable materials. With proper maintenance, this kitchen sink will surely last for several years without any issues.

It has a diamond cut design, shaped in square and satin finish which will blend into any interiors perfectly. The thickness of the collar is 2mm and bowl thickness is 1mm. It comes in nine different sizes that range from 18”x16”x10” to 32”x20”x10”. So, you can easily select the right model as per your requirements.

Along with the kitchen sink, you will get square waste coupling, fruit basket and PVC waste pipe. On this product, manufacturer is providing 7 years of warranty from the date of purchase.

It is advised to install it as top mount. If you install it under mount, then chances of leakage are high, especially, if the sides are not sealed properly. It is important to take professional plumber help for installing this kitchen sink.
Notable Features

Strong and durable
Weighs around 7.5 to 8kgs
Manufactured in India
Can handle heavy weights without cracking
Easy to clean
Comes with fruit basket
Our Verdict

If you want an affordable kitchen sink that is durable and easy to clean, then this stainless steel kitchen is the right choice. It is available in several sizes from small to large. It doesn’t require much maintenance.

Things We Like

Heavy duty stainless steel
Satin finish
Diamond design
Hassle free cleaning
7-years warranty
Things We Don’t Like
Chances of forming rust
2. ZINZER Granite Quartz Single Bowl Acrylic Kitchen Sink
This kitchen sink is made of 20% acrylic and 80% quartz, which is the second hardest material on this planet. It is incredibly durable and will last for years. This product comes with a chip, stain, and scratch resistant surface which can withstand high temperatures. Because of its superior quality material, a classy matte look in black, smooth finish with soft edges for easy cleaning and compact design we have placed it on the top of our list.

It will consume minimal space in your kitchen and has the compact dimensions of 21x19inch with an 8-inch depth. However, the bowl size is 18×16 inches. This product boasts of a 5-year warranty period and weighs 12.3 kgs. It has a single bowl with strainer towards the back for maximum utilization of surface area.

This model of the ZINGER Kitchen sink allows for two methods of installation. You can easily use it as a drop-in model or put some effort to conceal the rim and install it as an under-mount sink. You must also note that the manufacturer has given a notice saying, the actual color of the sink might vary from the pictures.
Notable Features

Super hard, durable and nonporous material
Strainer placed towards the back for maximum space utilization
It is resistant to acidic substances
Has soft corners for easy cleaning
Can take heavy weights without cracking
Our Verdict

If you want a mid-range kitchen sink that is completely value for money and requires minimum maintenance, the ZINGER 21 Inch is the best option. Its sturdy built-in quality and compact design are suited for a small to a medium household.

Things We Like

Quartz material used
Easy clean surface
8-inch depth
5-year warranty
Hassle free drop-in installation option
Scratch and stain resistance
Things We Don’t Like

No pre-designated place for the installation of faucets

3. 10x Luxury Kitchen Sink
10x Luxury Kitchen SinkAs the very name suggests, this sink is a luxury item from the house of 10x. It comes with many additional attachments like drainer, stopper, drainage pipe, and fruit basket, which can be used to drain utensils as well after washing them. It is the quietest sink on this list with extra thick rubber mats for soundproofing.

This sink is made of sturdy quality brushed stainless steel that has a satin finish. It has a pre-punched hole for the installation of a faucet or soap dispenser. However, the reason we have placed it on the 4th position is because of its steeper price and sharp edges. You will have to allow some extra time in maintaining the edges and keeping it clean.

This kitchen fixture is rust, stain, dent, and corrosion resistant and comes with a warranty of 5 years. It has an outer dimension of 24×18, while the inner bowl, which has a depth of 9 inches measures 22×16 inches.

This product by 10x has a width of 1.2mm and weighs 7kgs. It is scientifically built with gentle slopes on its base for easy and quick drainage of water. Because of its pre-designated place for faucet, it is best if you install it as a top-mount model.

The 5-years warranty on the kitchen sink is against rusting only. If you dent it or if it gets any degree of damage in any other way, it will not fall under warranty. Do check with the seller before you place an order.  Though the seller claims the steel to be high quality, its series or gauge is not clearly stated.
Notable Features

It has extra thick mats for sound deadening effect
This sink is sturdy and has a width of 1.2mm
The weight of this product is 7 kgs, and its interior dimensions are 16x22x9 inches
It is rust, corrosion and dent resistant
The box includes a fruit basket that extends up to 22.5 inches.

This sink will allow you to work quietly because of its efficient soundproofing. It has a compact and scientific design, with dent rust and corrosion resistant surface. If you want a solid kitchen sink with a sleek satin finish and don’t mind spending a little more, this one is just the right pick.

Things We Like

2mm thickness and sturdy built
5-years warranty
Easy water drainage
Inclusion of sink coupling, fruit basket, and drainage pipe
A pre-designated place for faucet
Sharper edges that do not allow easy cleaning.
 4. RENVOX Kitchen Sink 
If you are looking for small kitchen sink or drainboard kitchen sink, this is the right choice. Its price is also quite affordable than may other options with same quality.

This kitchen sink has 18 x 6 x 9 inches size which is suitable for kitchens with small platform or utility rooms. It is made up of high stainless steel which makes it sturdy, durable and long lasting as well. It is actually a smart combination of efficiency and style.

Regardless of its size, it is suitable for cleaning utensils and washing food ingredients. As it is scratch resistant, it can withstand regular wear and tear easily. It can be installed into a platform made up of soapstone, concrete or marble.

It can be installed either top mount or under the sink based on your preferences. No matter which option you choose, make sure get professional plumber’s help. Pipe or faucet are not provided with the kitchen sink, so you have to purchase them additionally.
Notable Features

Heavy-duty stainless steel is used
Weighs just 400 grams
Can withstand everyday wear and tear
Easy to clean and maintain
Suitable for most of the modern kitchen
Scratch, chip and stain resistant
Our Verdict

It is totally worth of every penny you spend. It is easy to maintain and can resist chips, stains and scratches. It is perfect for kitchen that have limited space.

What We Like:

Soft edges
Strong and durable
Affordably priced
Light in weight
Easy water drainage
Coupling is provided in the package


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