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Best Cold Press Juicer Reviews in detail

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Best Cold Press Juicer Reviews 

1. Kuvings B1700 Cold Press Juicer

Kuvings B1700 Cold Press JuicerKuvings is an international brand from South Korea that excels in making small kitchen appliances. All its products are rated highest by global consumers. The B1700 cold press juicer by Kuvings exhibits a sleek design, fantastic quality, and robust performance and has claimed the 1st position on our list.

This juicer is energy efficient and uses only 240 watts to operate. The patented large chute of this cold press juicer enables you to put in whole fruits, leafy veggies, nuts, or any other ingredient you want. It saves a lot of time as you will not have to cut fruits into pieces before putting in the juicer to get fresh juice that is full of nutrients and zero oxidization.

The rotation per minute is 50 RPM, and it works without making much noise. The plastic parts of this machine are 100% BPA free. However, it might be a little tough to carry it around as it weighs 9.6 kgs.

You can operate this cold press juicer for a maximum of 30 minutes at a stretch (ideally it should be 20 minutes), after thirty minutes, it goes into a standby mode automatically.

This juicer will never spill out drinks on your face or make your kitchen a mess. It is equipped with an in-built mechanism that does not let this juicer start until it is locked properly.

Apart from all the necessary components like motor, juicing bowl, strainer, lid, auger, it also comes with two bowls for juicing and pulp. The package includes a cleaning kit as well, which will make the tidying process super easy.

You get a 10 years warranty on the gear and motor; the other parts come with a guarantee of 1 year. Assembling and dissembling this appliance is a breeze as it has a superior build and fitting mechanism that does not require you to toil unnecessarily. However, if you notice any damage on its arrival, you can easily claim a replacement or refund on within 10 days.

Things We Liked

Brand value

Superb quality

Silent operation

Preserves the nutritional value

10 years warranty on motor and gear

Easy to clean

Auger made of ULTEM

Things we Don’t Like

Costs higher

2. Hestia Cold Press Juicer

Hestia Cold Press JuicerHestia has been in the electrical appliances business for over two decades. But since 2015, it has started making appliances that are dedicated to fitness and healthier living. It is an Indian brand with an eye for providing ”best or nothing.”

This particular cold press juice maker is ideal for you if you want a fitness-friend in your juicer. It gives the best froth free juice that does not lose any nutritional value in the process of being made.

It is one of the best juicers in the market today. However, we have placed it right below the Kuvings cold press juicer as this machine by Hestia offers only 1 year of warranty on the motor and electrical parts if you are using for commercial purpose. But in case you want to use it as a home appliance, you get a 10 years warranty on motor and 3 years on electrical parts, which is more than Kuvings is offering.

This appliance does not come with the safety lock feature like our previous product, but its juice extraction capacity is maximum. With the Hestia Nutri-Max juicer, you will have minimal wastage.

The rotation per minute of this juicer is 60, and it consumes 240 watts to function. The weight of this machine is 7.3 kgs, which is moderate, still does not make it a portable option.

Do you love smoothies and frozen fruit gelatos as well? No worries, the Hestia Nutri-Max cold press juicer has got you covered as it has different strainers for each purpose. The juicer bowl of this machine is made of the best quality BPA free plastic that transfers no toxins to your drink while churning it.

To clean this juicer, just run it for 1 minute with 300 ml of water. This process should get rid of the pulp stuck in the bowl.

The large chute of 75mm allows you to drop in whole fruits like apples and oranges and see the machine turn it into healthy juice in no time. It can also process other leafy greens and nuts irrespective of their hardness.

Things We Like

Optimum juice extraction

Best quality

3 years warranty on residential use

Easy 1-minute cleaning

Juicer bowl has extreme temperature resistance (-15°C to +85°C)

Large chute saves time

3 stainless steel strainers for different purposes

BPA Free plastic bowl

Auger made of space-craft grade ULTEM

Things We Don’t Like

No safety lock feature

Relatively pricey

Only 1-year warranty on commercial use

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3. Balzano ZZJ827M Cold Press Juicer

The Italian brand Balzano is over 100 years old. It specializes in making kitchen appliances. And with its masterful touch and century-long experience, it has crafted that Balzano ZZJ827M cold press slow juicer.

The juicer has the capacity to extract maximum juice out of fruits, veggies, greens and nuts owing to its sturdy built. No matter what the consistency or hardness of the ingredient is, this juicer will make it into a homogeneous blend.

Apart from juices, it is also perfect for making sorbets or other frozen fruit desserts as it comes with a specialized attachment.

It is an excellent option that you can get at a moderate price. Also, it is perfect if you particularly want a juicer that works super silently.

This appliance by Balzano is a slow juicer that works with 55 rpm and 180 watts power consumption. It is a superb product with an outstanding performance that comes with 5 years of warranty on the motor and 1-year overall warranty. However, we have placed it in the third position as it has a narrower nozzle, through which you cannot slip in whole fruits.

You can easily clean this compact design juicer within 1 minute by running the juicer for a minute with 300ml water in it.

With this cold press juicer by Balzano, you are sure to get thicker, nutritious juices, smoothies, and slushies that has its natural taste intact with the least amount of froth.

Things We Like

Easy to assemble

value for money

Energy efficient

Good quality-build

Silent performance

BPA free Plastic bowl and jars

Reverse mechanism

What We Don’t Like

Thin nozzle

Tough to find a service centre

4. AGARO 240-Watt Slow Juicer with Cold Press Technology

AGARO - 33293 Imperial 240-Watt Slow Juicer with Cold Press TechnologyAGARO is well-known in India for providing innovative products, from pain-relieving massagers to heavy-bass speakers. Ultimately, the brand promises quality, no matter what product it creates.

This cold press juicer is yet another addition to its promising products, and it stands apart from the rest of the juicers for its large 74 mm-thick feeding chute that can process whole fruits like oranges or apples. 

Moreover, it has a screw-shaped auger to squeeze out even the last drop of the juice from the fruits or vegetables. 

The juicer has separate juice and pulp releasing vents to ensure the juice you get is 100% pulp-free. You also get two strainers with the juicer to collect the juice and pulp with ease. 

This auger measures 16.34 centimetres and is one of the tallest in the market. It works on a 240W motor with extreme torque to squeeze even the frozen fruits. The motor has copper winding to prevent heating of the juicer during operation. 

It works at 60 RPM to juice your fruits and vegetables in no time. In addition to all these, the juicer has a reverse function that helps to bring out the leftover pulp inside the appliance. 

Coming to the materials, the outer parts are made of BPA-free plastic while the inner segments contain high-grade stainless steel to ensure no chemical-leach into the juice. 

Moreover, you get a 1-year warranty on the electric parts and 5-years on the motor to cover all the manufacturing defects.

Things we liked

All the parts of the juicer are easy to disassemble and clean.

BPA-free plastic parts ensure safety.

74mm-thick feeding chute can crush whole fruits.

1-year warranty on parts and a 5-year warranty on the motor.

The 240W motor is energy-efficient.

60RPM to ensure faster juicing.

Things we don’t like:

The motor makes little noise during operation.

5. IKICH CP199 Cold Press Juicer Machine with 500ml Portable Bottle

CP199 Cold Press Juicer MachineThe last product on our list is an efficient juicer from the brand IKICH. This CP199 juicer differs from the rest of the juicers in two aspects. 

The first one is the variable speed control. Yes, this appliance comes with an updated cold press technology allowing you to choose between two different speeds. 

The first speed is for crushing softer fruits like grapes and watermelon while the second speed is for juicing harder fruits and vegetables like carrot or apple.  

To select the first speed, you need to press the I/II button on the appliance once. To go to the second speed level, press the button twice. 

Moving further, the second impressive feature we have noticed is the 500 ml BPA-free portable juice bottle which is easy to carry your home-made juice anywhere. As it is BPA-free, the juice retains its freshness for a long time. 

With the upgraded masticating technology, the appliance ensures 90% more juice yield than the rest. Furthermore, with less oxidation, the juice remains bubble-free to stay fresh for up to 72 hours. 

This appliance works on an efficient motor to make less than 60 decibels of sound during operation. Also, it operates at 57 RPM, when you select the first speed and 84 RPM during the second speed level. So, even the frozen fruits and vegetables get crushed in the blink of an eye.

The juicer consumes just 150W, saving big on your electricity bills, even if you use the appliance on a daily basis.

Moreover, the juicer does not contain any sharp blades, so it is safe to operate even by the elders. All the parts of the juicer except the juicer’s housing are easy to clean as they are dishwasher-safe. 

Things we liked:

Masticating technology for 90% more juice yield.

Two speed levels for crushing hard and soft fruits.

500 ml BPA-free plastic juice bottle to carry your juice to the office or gym.

The motor makes less than 60 decibels of noise.

Works at 57 RPM and 84 RPM for faster juicing.

Weighs just 4.5 kgs and is easy to take out daily from your kitchen cupboard.

Dishwasher-safe juicer parts for easy cleaning.

Things we don’t like:

No warranty on the product or the motor.


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