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Best Dishwasher Tablets

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Best Dishwasher Tablets 

1. Cascade Fresh Scent Dishwashing Detergent


Cascade Dishwash detergent gives the sparkling touch to your dishes after every meal. The action packs help to remove oil and dirt from your dishwasher. The dishwasher brand has been ruling the market for the last 23 years. Also, recommended as the top brand in North America

How does it work?

The dishwasher has an action pack that comes with a specific amount of detergent in the tablet pack for a one-time wash. You have to add the one packet to the dishwasher dispenser chamber and close it. 

It has the cleaning power of dawn that removes the limescale built, foul odor, and grease from your dishes. Also, Eliminates the layering of grease on the dishwasher. The action packs proven as 6x more powerful than the regular dishwasher cleaner.

Moreover, the dishwasher cleaner has a low amount of phosphate present that makes it environment friendly. So, you become the environment savior when you use this.

The packet consists of 105 action packs that are suitable for monthly usage. The fragrance is light that soothes your surroundings.


Eliminates the pre-washing of utensils

Reduces the negative effect of phosphate

Quick dissolving for better cleaning

Clean the dishes and removes stubborn stains

Left with aromatic fragrance after every wash

105 action packs for many months use


Left residues on dishes

 2. Finish Max Dishwasher Detergent

Finish Dishwasher Detergent dissolves quickly and washes away the residue from the dishwasher. The detergent powder is easy to use in the power ball formula. If you struggle with the dishes, when you left it for more than 24 hours, then this dishwasher detergent is for you.

63-tablets would run for two months. The center of the ball concentrates with 3-dishwashing ingredients that activate the minute soaks with the liquid in cleaning the dishes.

The detergent balls deal with rough and tough food marks such as dried oatmeal, or burnt scrambled eggs. It cleans all the types of material, such as the glassware, silverware, or dishware. When the washing begins, the balls remove the stains without pre-washing it.

The gel power ball formula allows you to use the pack as it is without the worry to measure the amount while using. Also, they are phosphate-free that makes it environment friendly.


Power gel cleaning technology

Phosphate-free best for septic systems

Easy removing of tough stains

Cleans all types of ware such as dishware, silverware or glassware

Avoid pre-washing of dishes

63 tablets pack for 2-month use


The packing of the power balls is not easy to open

Leaves residue on plasticware


3. Ecover Automatic Dishwashing Tablets


Some of you must like using natural products, and that’s quite good as well. Organic ingredients are safe to use as they are bio-degradable with a phosphate-free formula made from plant-based ingredients.

Ecover company focuses on the idea of eco-friendly cleaning, and its products are purely organic. The packaging comes in recycled cardboards with good tablet packaging. It cleans the dishwasher the same as the chemical-based detergent does.

Tip: It is advisable to rinse your dishes into the water, to get a much cleaner dish.

The dishwasher tablets are easy to use, with a 0% irritating fragrance. The packet contains 25-tablets that runs for 1-month.


Made of plant-based materials

Detergent that is environment friendly

Easy to use in tablet form

Clean dishes with ease with no irritating chemicals smell

25 tablets for a month use


The individual pack becomes clumsy to place in the washing chamber


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