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Best Electric Rice Cooker

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Best Electric Rice Cooker 

1. Prestige 1.8 litres Rice Cooker
prestige cookerSince its inception a decade ago, Prestige brand has been super consistent in providing quality, performance and innovative products to its consumers across India. It has even received several awards in its area of retail for its quality and performance.
Among their product range, PRWO Delight has grabbed first position in our list of best electric rice cookers in India. This electric rice cooker offers more than just cooking rice. It is capable of cooking porridge, soup, stew, idlis, steam veggies, pulao and other dishes in the most convenient way.
This electric cooker has the capacity of cooking 1 kg of rice at a time. The aluminum cooking pan is specially designed to distribute the heat efficiently and evenly. An additional cooking pan is provided for more cooking convenience. 
These cooking pans can be stacked easily for easy and convenient storage. It comes with a high quality stainless steel lid with a vent to let the steam escape. The cooking pans are suitable for cooking and serving as well.
It consumes 700Watts of power so doesn’t much affect your electricity bills. This electric rice cooker comes with a control switch that automatically turns off and shifts to keep the cooked rice warm. It also comes with indicators that let you know when it is cooking mode and when it is in warm mode.
The double wall body of this electric rice cooker keeps the handles cool to touch and easy to carry. The handles of this appliance are quite sturdy and durable. It comes with a detachable cord which makes the electric cooker portable and convenient.
A scoop spoon and also a measuring cup are provided along with the cooker. The handle is designed to hold the scoop and easier to hold the after cooked hot utensil. Manufacturer provides 1-year warranty on product physical damages and malfunctions. 
Positive Things:
2 Aluminum Cooking Pans/Bowls
Sturdy build material
Appealing print design
1kg cooking capacity
Detachable cord for easier mobility
Measuring cup to measure rice
Ideal for mid to large families
Cook time is 10-15 minutes
Negative Things:
Just one-year warranty
Rice sometimes tends to stick to the bottom of the aluminum bowl
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2. Panasonic 4.4 liters Rice Cooker
panasonic cookerPanasonic Appliances India Company Limited is a well-known brand for designing and developing appliances for modern kitchen to fulfil customer needs. The SR-WA18 automatic rice cooker of Panasonic is a perfect appliance for cooking rice and other delicious foods in the most comfortable way.
This electric rice cooker from Panasonic can help you prepare several rice dishes that include vegetable pulao, biryani and others. Having the capacity of 1.8 liter, it is ideal for a small nuclear family consisting of 3 – 4 people.
Coming to the hardware specifications of the cooker, the cooker is a simple automatic on and off and is not a stay warm cooker. The inner lining of the induction heating element is made up of Anodized aluminum cooking plate.
The cooking pot of this electric cooker is made up of anodized aluminum which is durable to stay long enough. The body of the cooker is made of premium quality CRCA, food-grade material and the lid is made of tough stainless steel.
It has two plastic handles that are resistant to heat so you can safely handle the pot without getting your hands hurt. This electric rice cooker also saves you a lot in terms of electricity bill. Operating at a small power usage of 450 watts, the Panasonic SR-WA10 is highly energy efficient.
Apart from the rice bowl, the cooker also gives you a scoop spoon and a strainer plate to be placed at the top of the rice while being cooked. With a manufacturer’s warranty period of 2 years, the product is economic and has the best budget pricing for its quality and features.
Positive Things:
Economic Pricing
Compact Size
Power usage of 450 watts
600 grams cooking capacity
Ideal for bachelors and family of 3-4
Simple to use design
Great quality of materials used
Easy to clean
Cook time is 15-20 minutes
2 years’ manufacturer’s warranty
Negative Things:
Does not come with the stay warm feature

3. Bajaj 0.4 litres Rice Cooker
bajaj cookerBajaj Electronic Ltd is an Indian consumer that is well-trusted brand for kitchen and household appliances. If you are a bachelor or a family of two, then this mini multi-function rice cooker is the perfect choice.
Majesty New RCX1 mini electric rice cooker is perfect for people who travel a lot. Being compact in size and light in weight, you can take it along with you for trips and travels.
In this mini rice cooker, you can cook 0.4 litre of rice at a time. The cooking pot providing with this cooker is made of high quality aluminum which durable to last for a very long time. Apart from cooking rice, you can also boil eggs and cook noodles in this rice cooker.
The cooking pot comes with a transparent lid which ensures you can see the cooking process. The multi-function cooker has two cool to touch handles which lets you handle the rice cooker without burning your hands. Apart from cooking pot and transparent lid, manufacturer also provides spatula and measuring cup.
This appliance consumes only 200Watts electricity hence you will save a lot of electricity. It has very easy and straight forward operations which makes it easy to use and operate. This product also comes with 2-years of manufacturer’s warranty for damage or malfunction.
Positive Things:
Compact Size
Ideal for bachelors and newlywed couples
Has 2 years’ manufacturer’s warranty
Easily portable
Transparent lid
 Cool touch handle
Travel friendly
Consumes only 200Watts
Easy straight forward options
Negative Things:
Not ideal for larger and bigger families
4. Kent 0.9 litres Rice Cooker
kent cookerKent is a famous Indian brand that is pioneer in developing products that include water purifiers, electric rice cookers and several other household products. Their personal rice cooker is one of the stylish, compact, high capacity and economic ones in the market.
Its creative and stylish design makes it look like a lunch box which can be carried around easily to your workplace or picnics. This rice cooker can cook about 0.9 liters of rice in a single go. The cooker has 4 preset programs which can be used according to their feasibility and requirements.
For cooking brown rice and white rice, manufacturer has provided separate optional cooking modes. A warm option is also provided just in case; you wish to keep the rice warm until you serve. And you can cancel the warm option if you no longer wish for it.
The delay cook option allows you to slow down the time taken for the rice to cook. All these options to let the you cook the rice according to your requirements. Apart from its cooking features, this electric rice cooker is also highly efficient.
Along with cooking pot, it also comes with miniature container, measuring cup, and user’s manual. This electric rice cooker is perfect for travelers, bachelors and small families. Manufacturer provides 1-year warranty on this product.
Positive Things:
Programmable to various settings
Has separate settings for white and brown rice
Has keep warm settings
Come with a delayed timer
Compact and stylish design
Highly energy efficient with just 180 watts’ power consumption
Can cook 0.9 liters in a go
Has a separate container to heat small amount of curries
Ideal for bachelors and newly weds
Value for money
Has a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty
Negative Things:
Build quality can be better

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