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Best Toaster to Buy Online in details

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Best Toaster to Buy Online 

1. Philips Pop up Toaster
philips-bread-toastersPhilips needs no introduction and is a widely accepted leading brand for home appliances. The Philips Daily Collection pop-up toaster comes with 8 different browning settings and an elegant design.

These 8 browning settings range from simple heat to golden brown to dark brown too depending on how burnt you like your toast.  An auto shut-off function protects the bread from ever getting burnt or beyond your browning setting.

There is also a cancel button that will stop toasting abruptly. If you wish to heat up something that’s too cold or frozen, toss it into the toaster. It will first defrost it and then reheat it to your desired temperature.

The 2 bread slots are large to let bread of any size to fit in. The integrated bun rack is helpful when you want to heat buns, rolls or pastries. A high lift on the side of the toaster makes it easy to pick up even the smallest of the small pieces. With the removable crumb tray, no more patting down the toaster for crumbs. 

With an 830-watt power consumption, integrated storage space for the cord, a dust cover bag and most importantly, 2 years manufacturer’s warranty, the Philips Daily Collection is a good buy for nuclear-sized families.

Things we liked about the toaster

8 browning settings
Integrated bun rack
Removable crumb tray
Auto-shutoff protection
High rise pop-up toaster 
Dust protection cover
830W of power.
Reheat and defrost at one go.
2 large variable slots for different sizes.
2-years of manufacturing warranty. 
Things we didn’t like

The high rise pop up function needs some improvement

2. Pigeon Pop-up Toaster
 Pigeon-bread-toastersPigeon as a company needs no introduction and their home appliances have been known and used by the Indian Middle class since many generations.

The Pigeon Auto 2 Slice can make a maximum of 2 toasts in a single go. With its automatic pop up function, all you need to do is set the timer and leave it for itself and it will pop up.

No more burnt toast. Similar to most devices in the list, this one too has variable browning option. You can fine-tune your toast in any of the 6 options to suit your taste.

Powered by 230 volts, this device consumes about 700 watts of energy and even has a cord binder at the bottom that will make sure the cord does not get tangled easily.

It has a minimalistic body that compliments your kitchen. Also, the pricing of this toaster is economic and thus budget-friendly for almost anybody.

Apart from all of that, Pigeon even provides you with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty for any manufacturing defects during the tenure of the warranty.

Things we liked about the toaster

2 Slices toaster
Auto Pop
Cord Binder
Economic Pricing
700 Watts power
1-year warranty
Things we didn’t like

Could improve their sales support.
No Breadcrumb tray

3. Bajaj Pop up Toaster
Bajaj-bread-toastersA budget-friendly classic 2 slice pop-up toaster from the house of Bajaj, the ATX4 has a simple white design and over 6 different adjustable browning settings.

Choose from the wide range of browning settings from simple heat to mild brown to golden or dark brown bread according to your taste.

Apart from the six different browning settings, the toaster also has a small reheating button for a quick defrosting and reheating of cold bread, tortillas or buns. 

Thanks to the automatic shut-off feature, there is no fear of burning up of the toast. There is also a mid-cycle cancel/stop button for emergencies.

Speaking of aesthetics, the body of the device has a cool touch. No fear of having your fingers burnt while trying to take the bread off the toaster.

The bottom of the toaster has a non-skid base. Just about it is the removable crumb tray which takes in all the powder and crumbs of bread. Neat and clean.

With a 750 Watt operating power,2 years on manufacturing warranty, this is a decent buy for bachelors and small families too

Things we liked about the toaster

Simple Design
2 slice pop-up toaster
6 Variable browning settings
Cord winder at the base
Removable crumb tray
Sudden Stop Button 
750-watt power consumption
2 years warranty
Things we didn’t like

Knob and the body is a bit wobbly and not tightly assembled in a few pieces. 

4. Morphy Richards Pop-Up Toaster
Morphy-Richards-bread-toastersMorphy Richards has established itself to be a luxury home brand with economic pricing. The AT-201 is a very simple and user-friendly pop-up bread toaster.

Compared to other versions of the Morphy Richard, the 2-slice AT-201 has larger bread holders. Thus it could accommodate bread slices of any size. It even has a hi-lift feature that helps you remove any small bits or slices of bread from the toaster.

Morphy Richard’s AT-201 comes with a 7 variable browning control settings from simple heating of bread to golden brown toasting. After the bread toasts to your desired state, the auto shut-off feature will turn off the device automatically. It also has a cancel/stop button to stop the function of the toaster suddenly. 

The body of the device is a cold touch. It also has anti-slip foot design and a crumb tray attached to the bottom of the tray to collect and remove any crumbs.

Using only 650 watts, the device is also very economic in terms of energy expenditure. With 2 years of manufacturer’s warranty and those wide and big slots, it is a great buy not just for simple bachelor breakfasts, but also for large families.

Things we liked about the toaster

2 Wide and large bread slots
Hi-Lift feature
7 Variable browning controls
Crumb tray
Anti-skid design
Automatic Pop-Up
650 watts of power consumption
2  years manufacturer’s warranty
Things we didn’t like

Could improve the overall quality and the customer service too
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5. Cello Pop Up Toaster
Cello-bread-toastersOur next toaster comes from one of India’s most celebrated companies, Cello. The Cello Quick Slice is a very economic and budget-friendly 2 slice pop up toaster.

Available in 2 different colours (red and grey), the Quick Slice’s outer body is covered in aluminium plating. The bread tray present inside is made out of high-quality stainless steel.

Though it looks compact, the bread tray slots are wide and long enough to fit in any type of sliced bread, bun or waffles. The high lift function on the side is helpful in removing small pieces of bread that get stuck within the toaster. 

It has a total of 7 browning options and stops automatically once the toasting of bread is completed. It also has a cancel button to stop the toasting in the middle too. But it does not have any extra buttons for defrosting or reheating.

The bottom of the toaster has a non-slip base. A pullable crumb tray is present underneath this base that collects any crumbs that powder down on it. Apart from that, this toaster also has a cord storage facility and also carrying handle for carrying it around.

Working at 700 watts of power and with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, the Cello Quick Slice is a best buy for bachelors and small families too.

Things we liked about the toaster

Economic Pricing
Good Build quality of the body
2 Colour options
Non-Slip body
Pullable crumb tray
700 watts of power consumption
1 Year manufacturer’s warranty
Things we didn’t like

No defrost button 
No reheat button
Poor spring quality in the HiRISE

6. iBell Toast75 Bread Toaster
iBell Bread ToasterIf you are looking for a fancy toaster at an affordable price, iBell Toast75 is your obvious choice. Designed as a traditional toaster, this appliance has top-graded features making it a clear choice for many.

iBell Toast75 is a medium-size bread toaster with a mid-cycle heating element. Made with plastic, it weighs just 1.2 kg and consumes 750 watts.

It is built with a carriage level like a typical toaster. You can find other special features such as timer set browning control to put the number you like for desired darker browning.

You can also find reheat & defrost buttons along with indicators. It is equipped with a crumb tray to clean any crumbs falling inside. The most prominent feature of this toaster is the Mica heating element. With this feature, the heating is not only fast but efficient.

The toaster comes with two holders of ample sizes. iBell provides a 1-year standard warranty along with a 6 months additional warranty on registration.

Things we liked about the toaster

Great price
Appealing features
Mica heating element
Timer set browning control
Crumb tray

Thanks for reading Best Toaster to Buy Online in details

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