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How To Choose a Good Breakfast Sandwich Maker

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How To Choose a Good Breakfast Sandwich Maker

1. Types
There are certainly two types of sandwich makers:

Panini Press- A Panini press sandwich maker comes with two grills- one on the top and second on the bottom. The bread is kept on the bottom grill which is pressed by the top floating hinged grill. Usually, you can find a Panini press sandwich in burger shops and it can make anything starting from bread to meat and vegetables. However, it is quite expensive than the four triangle sandwich maker.
Four triangle- You can easily guess it by name as it is the most common type of sandwich maker which has been used by various people for many years. This maker cuts the sandwich in four triangular shapes and toasts your sandwiches (remember, it doesn’t grill them). The reason behind this is the heating plates are divided into the triangle or square-cut triangles. Also, you can also call this one a homely sandwich maker as it is found in most of the homes and are quite affordable.
sandwich maker

2. Capacity
There are usually two types of sandwich makers where you can get two sandwiches at a time and other, four at a time. So, if you a family of two or bachelors then a 2 sandwich maker could suffice as you would get 4 triangular shaped sandwiches. Also, if you are going for a picnic or a family of 4 and more, a 4 sandwich maker could be just fine.

3. Size
If your sandwich maker is compact and lightweight then you can easily keep it anywhere in the kitchen and carry it anywhere . Usually, 41 X 38 X 15cm is an ideal size for choosing a large-size sandwich maker. Also, for a family of two, a small-sized sandwich maker of 26 X 24 X 11cm can suffice.

4. Surface type
There are various types of surfaces that have been used to make a sandwich- like iron and Teflon. The iron surface would be very cheap as compared to Teflon. The surface will become sticky after you scratch it with a scrubber. Well, a Teflon based surface is the best choice as the sandwich doesn’t stick.

You can also look for the sandwich makers which come with a non-stick surface and heats up faster.

5. Power
The power decides upon how quickly your sandwich can be cooked. Usually, a small-sized sandwich maker which comes with a power of 750-1200 watts can help you make sandwiches smoothly and 2000-3000 watts of power can fit into the case of a larger one.

6. Coating
Choose a non-stick coating of your sandwich maker as this can reduce the usage of oil on it. Only because of the non-stick coating, the sandwich wouldn’t stick on it and you can easily wash it as well.

7. Durability
Any product requires to be very durable as this will only decide the longevity of the product. So, a stainless steel, high-quality plastic materials offer maximum durability to your products at a very minimal time. Also, look for the one which is scratch resistant as it can help you wash the maker nicely. A non-stick maker is the another feature which we want you to focus on as it gives more reliability.

8. Temperature control
While the Panini press makers come with various temperature control options that allow you to cook anything at your own pace. Look into the one which holds the capacity of distributing heat to every area evenly for better toasting or grilling experience Mostly, the four triangle sandwich makers don’t come with a temperature control option and you are required to do everything manually(switch off the maker when you get the delicious smell).

9. Plates
There are some sandwich makers which come with fixed plates whereas some come with removable plates(it allows you to cook several things like chicken). Also, the removable plates have grilled ones where the edges are slightly raised.

10. Type of handle
The sandwich maker comes with a handle so that you can carry it easily at the time of heating or non-heating. Well, when you are toasting the sandwich, you would want a handle which doesn’t feel hot and that is why go for the one which is a good resistant of heat.

You can either choose a plastic or steel handles. Well, both of them have their own pros and cons. A plastic handle is heat resistant but has the chance of breaking easily which will make it harder for you to carry your sandwich maker. And on the other hand, a steel made handle will be hot but last long.

11. Cord length
So having a long cord has its own advantages and disadvantages as you will not have to hold your maker or be near to the maker while the sandwich is being prepared. But, it is kind of unsafe as well because you might fall down if you don’t look into the longer cord below. Hence, the choice is yours. Going for a cord length of 1.5 to 2 m can actually help you in strain-free operations.

12. Hinges
These are very important if you use a Panini press sandwich maker because if there is a floating hinge then it can easily cook different shapes and sizes of bread(depending on the thickness).

While going for selecting a sandwich maker based on the hinges then a floating one could be an ideal choice as it can be used in any type of maker irrespective of their sizes, shapes or weights.

13. Other features
When we cook, many things like oil or crumps fall off which makes our kitchen messy and that is why going for a sandwich maker with a dip tray is a smart choice. Also, like the light indication technique has been used in irons, sandwich makers also come with the light indicators which enable us to know as and when we need to switch the maker off.

14. Auto-shutoff
If you want to perform other household chores while toasting a sandwich then you should definitely go for this option. Auto-shutoff option will ensure that your sandwich isn’t burnt and meanwhile, you can easily complete your incompleted tasks.

15. Warranty
On average, you can find a warranty for 1-3 years on these sandwich makers. Well, as we always say that warranty helps us to decide on the quality and sturdiness of the material and that is why, always go for a product which gives enough warranty. Also, after-sales-service is one of the most concerning factors as most of the customers aren’t happy with many products’ after-sales-service. Well, there are many other products that provide amazing services like that of an online.

16. Price
There are various types of sandwich makers that come at a budget-friendly price and serve the maximum purpose such as toasting a delicious sandwich. Also, some sandwich makers comprise various specifications (removable plates, used for burgers and all)  and that is price higher than usual ones.

Choose the one which fits into your budget and fulfills all the requirements.

You can find a good quality small sized sandwich maker at 1000-2000 INR and a large-sized at 2000-4000 INR on average.

We would suggest to not worry about the price as investing in a sandwich maker will reduce the cost of sandwiches for the long run.

17. Ease of cleaning
If you have lumps of crusty cheese on the surface then cleaning could be really tough. Also, in the case of a sticky surface, you might find the bread materials which can be annoying at times. Well, that is why looking for a non-stick feature is of utmost importance and ease of cleaning depends upon the usage as well. If you do not have a removable plates sandwich maker then too, the cleaning might be a little difficult.

18. Brand
Well, there are a variety of sandwich makers present in the market and you might want to buy a branded one. What stands out in these brands is the quality and sturdiness as they never fail to offer any of those. We have made a listicle of certain top brands which have ruled the market of sandwich makers:

How to cook sandwiches using a sandwich maker?
You can cook a sandwich at the same time you spend for cooking maggie. Just you ought to follow certain steps:

Do some dusting and cleaning of the sandwich maker to avoid any kind of dirt
Apply butter or oil on the surface. You can use any oil except coconut or mustard as it makes your sandwich smell bad
Switch the plug on and let the maker be preheated
Keep the stuffed sandwich on the bottom surface and close the top surface.
Now wait for your sandwich to become deliciously tasty
A lot of people question about the time a sandwich maker takes to toast and grill a sandwich. Well, it depends on makers to makers, some might cook as quickly as 4 minutes or some might take 6 minutes to turn the sandwich brown.

Benefits of using a sandwich maker
There are various benefits of using a sandwich maker and we have listed a few below:

Saves time- You will not have to spend hours in preparing food as it can be prepared in few minutes.
Extremely easy to use- Anyone in the family can use it as it comes with minimal instructions.
New recipes- People can easily experiment various recipes and prepare amazing sandwiches, burgers and what not!
Occupy very less space- You can keep the sandwich maker anywhere as they come in very less space.
Cooks at right temperature- You will not have to worry about the temperature as you can experience exact heat when cooked.
Extra toppings: The panini press will allow you to add any amount of stuffing you want. The bread gets toasted properly and cooks all ingredients well.

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